Digital evolution of the record label

Previously, musicians required record label mechanics to support their journey as recording artists & live performers. Unfortunately, this perpetual reliance brought unethical fee structures & contract particulars weighted unequivocally in favor of the corporations. GIGCO presents a transparent, no-strings-attached toolset in an easy-to-use mobile application allowing artists complete fingertip control to launch, nurture & expand their careers.

How do Venues benefit?

Venues can use GIGCO to instantly find & book available artists around them. They can utilize the ‘What’s On’ feature to list all upcoming Gigs, so fans always know who’s playing & when. Ticket sales can be managed in the app & allow a whole host of programmable promotions.

Let Web3 be your agent, connect with venues & fans directly, keeping more of the revenue you deserve.
Exciting new initiatives coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Web3 technology to connect musicians with venues & fans. The direct connection creates value shared by all parties.

The app is available to download in every country except China. The initial IRL rollout will be in the UK to expand globally over time.

No, you can utilize all GIGCO features simply by completing KYC verification.

You can already download the ‘Welcome Edition’ of the app & answer questions to receive a ‘Golden Ticket’. You can also contact us directly with your full details to get priority access when new features roll out.