GIGCO’s ecosystem centers around an all-in-one application for everything music. Never miss live music around you with What’s On & Gig-Finder. Active community members can earn rewards in Listing Edition by creating profiles for their favorite venues.

Key Features

What's On

What’s On lists Gigs at venues near you. A gamified list-to-earn service where participants are compensated correspondingly with $GIG tokens for each listing. Use $GIG to save on tickets, merchandise, and music in the app.


Gig-Finder is a matching service enabling venues and artists to connect directly. Artists can upload videos to our database, venues can browse and choose who fits the event. Smart contracts handle everything in escrow to protect against defaulters.

Listing Edition

Use ‘Listing Edition’ to input your favorite venues into the app. Each listing earns $GIG token compensation. Venues then claim the listing and you both receive further rewards. Also, 1% of GIGCO profits from that venue get paid to the original lister. List up to 5 venues each day.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the app NOW and for FREE from Google Play or Apple App stores. You can answer some questions to receive a Golden Ticket.

$GIG token is simply like a digital voucher that gives extra discounts, benefits, and payment flexibility. You can earn them by listing venues and shows.

Of course, the platform is for the whole music community. A core focus of GIGCO is connecting musicians with their fans.

Our NFT ticketing services will launch later this year with a wide range of programmable benefits.