What's in it for music fans?

Wherever you are, whatever your sound, find live music all around you. Utilize Proof of Attendance so you never miss out on tickets and receive superfan loyalty rewards at all GIGCO venues. Share in your favorite artist’s journey by investing in NFS™ releases and profile staking, earning rewards for your support.

Web3 delivers the recognition you deserve for your continued support of the music industry.
Exciting new initiatives coming soon!

If you want to know more about GIGCO’s fan benefits, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary focus when onboarding artists are emerging talents who like to stay independent & heritage acts who fell out of the legacy system.

The app is available to download in every country except China. The initial IRL rollout will be in the UK to expand globally over time.

PoA is a service offering attached to our digital ticketing. It records every event you attend, so you receive priority access to tickets for that artist or at the venue in the future.

Rewards distribute in our native token $GIG. It’s just like a digital voucher you can use for in-app purchases.