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How will Web3 benefit musicians?

Web3 & blockchain technologies usher in a new era of artist ownership & previously unfathomable control of creative content. It enables equitable compensation for musicians of all levels, with hundreds of artists already taking advantage of this new technological opportunity.

How blockchain can help the current music market

The music industry is plagued by rapacious intermediaries taking excessive cuts of artist revenue. GIGCO implements blockchain infrastructure, adding much-needed transparency to this murky practice. Utilizing a tokenized payment mechanism means each transaction is fully verifiable, incurring just micro-fees. Smart contracts enabled by Web3 allow artists to connect directly to venues they play & fans who support them, eliminating reliance on 3rd party interaction.



Artist & Venue profiles include personalized staking options which gamify the process. You can earn better rewards by staking with the most active profiles you follow.


A locker, portraying GIGCO smart gig contracts

When an event is arranged on GIGCO a smart contract is instantly deployed. This protects both venue and artist for potential defaulters or bad actors.

Songs NFS™

A vinyl record in a GIGCO sleeve, portraying a Non-Fungible Song (NFS)

$GIG Token allows artists to mint music as an NFS™, then offer fractional ownership of songs to investor fans. They will share the royalties proportionately, which are paid directly to their $GIG wallet.


Dollar bills and $GIG coins, portraying payment flexibility

GIGCO offers payment flexibility; balances display in GIG & this is always the cheapest payment solution for customers. It is possible to settle in fiat currencies if customers choose. Algorithmic price feeds display balances in the customer’s choice currency where required.


A hand holding an NFT ticket

NFT ticketing helps combat scalping activities & allows artists to attach unique event memorabilia to the admittance. It also facilitates our Proof of Attendance concept, rewarding superfans with different artist and venue loyalty perks.

Token Metrics

Total Supply
Initial MCap
Seed Sale $0.25M
Private Sale $0.73M 
Pre-Public Sale $0.5M
Public Sale $0.71M
Initial Supply 950K
Total Supply 190M
Seed Sale Price $0.033
Private Sale Price $0.0385
Pre-Public Price $0.075-0.1425
Public Sale Price $0.15 
Initial MCap $142.5K
Seed6–12 months cliff*Daily vesting over 6 months
Private3–9 months cliff*Daily vesting over 6 months
Pre-Public1 month cliffMonthly vesting over 5 months
Public-Monthly vesting over 5 months
Team6 months cliffDaily vesting over 24 months
Advisor6 months cliffDaily vesting over 24 months
Liquidity-Monthly vesting over 36 months
Ecosystem-Monthly vesting over 36 months
Community-Monthly vesting over 36 months
Reserve-Daily vesting over 12 months
*) Participants of Seed & Private round sales were offered bonuses to extend their lock-up periods. Those who locked for 3-months extra received 10% bonus & those who locked for 6-months received 15% bonus.

Web3 designed protocols bring value benefits for everyone from creators to consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment you can only purchase $GIG tokens through private sale. You may contact us at [email protected] for more info.

You can use the tokens to pay for any products on the platform, event tickets, music, merchandise, and much more. You can also stake the tokens in your wallet or on profiles and you will be paid a return for doing this.

Yes, you can also earn $GIG tokens by participating in community engagement schemes which promote growth. These include referring new users to the platform & listing venues for our database.