Let’s Get More People To Gigs

Take advantage of our free event listing services. Cut through the noise and corrupted algorithms of legacy social media so your events are perfectly placed in front of music fans. Identify your regular attendees to return the favor with special discounts.

How do Venues benefit?

Venues can utilize the ‘What’s On’ feature to list all upcoming Gigs so that fans always know who’s playing & when. Soon Venues can use GIGCO to find & book musicians. Also, ticket sales can be managed in the app allowing a whole host of programmable promotions.

Exciting new initiatives coming soon!

Do you own or manage a music venue? If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the app from the stores and register through the contact form.

No, you can utilize all GIGCO features simply by completing GIGCO’s verification process.

We use Web3 technology to connect musicians with venues & fans. The direct connection creates value shared by all parties.

The app is available to download in every country except China. The initial IRL rollout will be in the UK to expand globally over time.