GIGCO app shows all live music events around you. Tailor your searches with location services and genre filters. Use the app to plan nights out, let friends know where you’re going to see bands and directly link to the ticket provider.


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Web3 will allow you to connect directly to your fans where you can offer a wide range of different content & merchandise. Let blockchain revolutionise your career, keep more of the revenue you create.

Venues can list gigs so music fans can see What’s On. They can connect directly with musicians with the peace of mind assured by verifiable smart (Gig) contracts passing on the financial benefits.

Web3 brings new opportunities for advanced interaction between fans, the artists they admire, and venues they frequent. Removing intermediaries from the chain, GIGCO provides unique ways to connect with and support your idols.

Our incentivized token economy model benefits active community members engaged in initiatives driving network growth, user adoption, and general brand awareness. Gamified staking programs offer further rewards to members who help secure the network.

GIGCO app leverages Web3 technology to connect & empower the entire music community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Currently GIGCO automatically lists all music gigs at all music venues in our test area. We have more venues & more events listed than any competitor so Fans always know What’s On!

You’ll find everyone from brand new local talents to the biggest iconic music stars.

You can download GIGCO in every country except China. We’re currently testing in the UK but will be coming to your country soon.

Download the app & start finding new gigs today! You can also get involved in our beta program for testing new improved versions of the app. Just get in touch via our contact form.